Use Condoms – A Safe Way to Birth Control

The male condom, consisting of a sheath or a covering that fits over the male penis and is closed at one end, is the common definition of the word ‘condom.’ During sexual intercourse, a condom is most widely used. 골드카지노 offers excellent info on this. If slipped on an erect penis by a man, it prevents the ejaculated semen from coming into contact with the sexual partner’s body. The primary purpose of a condom is to prevent pregnancy, and a condom never fails to fulfil its purpose when used correctly and regularly.

Condoms are made from a number of materials, but latex is the most common. A number of condoms are made from polyurethane as well. However, condoms made from latex are the preferred and common option as they are readily available in most countries and are slightly more durable than other types. However, as opposed to oil or Vaseline-based lubricants, caution must be taken to use only water-based lubricants for condoms made of latex, as the latter are known to break down latex, making them dangerous. Those who are prone to latex-induced allergic reactions can safely opt for polyurethane condoms that are open to both oil and water-based lubricants. A leaking condom is a cause for concern because, while uncommon, accidents occur and both varieties compete for claims to fool proof protection. The argument for both, however, is equally solid, so the decision ultimately rests with the consumer.

One will do well to note that condoms often have a shelf life and come with an expiry date, like all other items that we buy. As for most items, the production date also informs you the date from which the condom can be safely used. The condom may actually not be safe to use once past that date and may negate its very function of preventing pregnancy or preventing an infection.

Condom storage instructions often need to be strictly followed, since both light and heat influence them. Therefore, it is not wise to use condoms that have been placed in your car’s back pocket, wallet or dashboard where they are exposed to high temperatures. There are also signs of condom damage being sticky or rather dry and one would rather throw the broken piece away and opt for a new one than bear the damage of an unwanted pregnancy and all that goes with it!

Therefore, condoms really have a lot to help their case as being the best available form of birth control. They have none of the potential medical side effects of other forms of birth control. They even come in different sizes, forms, tastes, colours and textures to fire up your sex life. Until shopping for condoms, you do not need to go looking for a medical prescription. They are accessible and readily available off the shelf. Condoms certainly make sex less dirty and you only use them while having sex and not with the regularity of brushing your teeth, unlike other contraceptives!