Details on Sanitizer products

Hand sanitizers have been selling like hotcakes since news centers around the world announced the pandemic called HNIN, or swine flu. There are several types of sanitizing gels, wipes and foams available these days. For example, there is the liquid hand sanitizer which is the most common one available at the drugstores. There are also the alcohol based sanitizing gels, as well as so-called “green” sanitizers available.If you’re looking for more tips, sanitizer products has it for you.

Most hand sanitizers, except for the “green” variety, are alcohol based. This is because alcohol kills germs effectively, and there has been no study that proves than anything can destroy germs and bacteria in a hand sanitizing product better than alcohol. The Mayo Clinic even warns us that many of these new “environmentally friendly” cleansing products do not actually clean and kill germs as effectively as those that are alcohol based. In an age when viruses seem to abound, frequent hand washing and the use of effective sanitizers is a must.

There are those who claim that the alcohol ingredient in most hand sanitizers can harm our skin – and that is true to a certain extent. Too much use of alcohol based products will tend to dry the skin of our hands – but we can always use a lotion to make sure to protect our hands from looking and feeling dry. It is also advisable to make sure that we use a sanitizer not only for our hands, but also for things that we routinely use and touch – such as a keyboard, telephone, hand bags and even our cell phones. According to a recent Fox News study, there are more bacteria present on the bottom of our bags than that on our toilet seat. In fact, e-coli and other types of bacteria have been found on the bottom of our hand bags because of the habit of setting them down practically anywhere – even on the floors of public bathrooms.