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You can’t send a payment through FedEx because it’s a PO Box, but if you’re in a rush, or otherwise certified mail, you might use the Express Mail option of the Postal Service. You give it however, hang on to the evidence of mailing. Lastly, in your situation, you will and should take the time to track the payments received by the trustee. Check with the office of the Trustee that your payments have been processed and credited properly. This information is available online to all of the trustees I work with (Dallas, Plano and Fort Worth, Texas) so that you can log in and see what’s going on in your case. However, the bankruptcy case is a cooperative operation. Some pieces are handled by the bankruptcy attorney, and you do other parts. Making sure your Chapter 13 payments are received on time is one of the things that your bankruptcy attorney will not do. Learn more about Richard M. Weaver Bankruptcy Attorney, Dallas.

Your work is that.

Missing your payment for Chapter 13 causes more problems than anything else, especially in cases that would otherwise be productive. While both your counsel and the bankruptcy trustee expend extra time explaining how important it is to keep your payments current in Chapter 13, incidents are bound to occur.

Here’s what you need to recall:

Second, you are the one whose responsibility it is to ensure that your payments are accepted by the Trustee. Your transfers should be achieved in Dallas by payroll deduction or auto-debit. That way, it is much easier for you, but you have to be diligent about ensuring that the organization you work for is sending the money in like they are expected to do. Your case will be dismissed if you get to the confirmation hearing and all of your payments have not been made yet. Even if you believe the funds were taken out of your salary, there are occasions when the Trustee’s internal documents show a delinquency. If you assume that the money is being kept out by your boss but it has not been sent in yet, speak up. You have to go talk to the payroll individual at your business if you get your paycheck and find that your boss isn’t getting the money out.