How Chiropractic Care Helps Neck Pain

A common issue is a rigid and painful neck. From a sudden injury such as a fall, blow to the head, or car accident, some individuals get neck pain. The pain comes on slowly for others and builds steadily. Then again, with sudden neck pain and stiffness, another party could only awaken one day. Visit N8 Family Chiropractic-Chiropractic Care.

Obviously, individuals who have acute neck pain from an injury know its source. Many with slowly emerging and steadily building neck pain may be able to trace its origin to their everyday work activities or maybe to an irregular sleeping posture. Job duties involving sitting at a desk or typing station with one’s neck bent forward and down, for example , cause constant regular tension on the neck. Similarly, over a period of time, individuals who sleep on their stomachs or have the wrong type of pillow can also produce a neck problem. Those who suddenly awaken with pain one morning may have had previous minor single or multiple neck injuries that, left untreated, eventually “caught up” with the person.

The pain and discomfort in most cases are due to complications occurring in the joints of the spinal bones in the spine. The bones of the neck are referred to by physicians as the “cervical spine.”

What actually happens is that a joint with the bones both above and below is created by each bone in the neck. Such joints are called joints of the facet. To permit normal motion of our necks, the facet joints should move freely. However, they may often become misaligned and/or switch incorrectly at times. The facet joints normally irritate or pinch small pain-sensitive nerves in the spine, shoulder, and upper back area when this occurs.

The function of the neck facet joints was verified in a study conducted at Princess Alexandria Hospital and published in the Spine research journal. Researchers found that 71 percent proved to have anomalies affecting the facet joints for people suffering from pain in the spine, back of the shoulder, and headaches.

Chiropractors are trained to detect irregularities associated with the neck’s facet joints. These bones and joints can then be manipulated or adjusted back into place by chiropractors so that they are aligned and move properly.

Typically, corrections or manipulations require a simple yet gentle movement by the hands of the chiropractor to reposition the neck bones and joints. In addition, physical therapy such as ice, heat and electrical muscle stimulation may be used by the Chiropractor to support and speed up the affected area’s healing.

364 patients with neck pain had manipulation medication in one clinical study. In 90 percent of the patients, complete relief of pain and symptoms was achieved. This research indicates that chiropractic treatment is primarily recommended for pain in the spine!

A thorough history of the issue must first be taken to decide whether chiropractic care in the treatment of neck pain is needed. Next, a physical examination is carried out that involves chiropractic, orthopaedic, and neurological testing. To help in the diagnosis, X-rays may also need to be taken. The information collected will then say if the patient is appropriate for chiropractic neck pain treatment.