Home Inspection Tips – Radon Testing For Sellers and Buyers

If you are buying or selling a home, a home inspection is important. Where does the testing of radon fit into the image?

Let’s look first at the considerations from the viewpoint of a home seller. If you have already checked your home for radon by your inspector or another competent professional, the buyer needs confirmation that the testing has been performed correctly. If those requirements are not met, she will request that testing be resumed.You may find more information at measure motion, torque or force.

Did the tests comply with the EPA radon checklist or the procedure of your state? In the past two years, was the work done? Have you done any renovations after testing was completed on your home? Would your prospective purchaser want to live in a lower basement or floor than where the test was performed?

She can also apply for a new test if the disclosure of radon data to buyers is needed by your state or local government and that disclosure has not been made.

If you haven’t checked your home for radon yet, get it done as soon as you can. Test at the lowest level of the home that can be occupied regularly. Testing in an area such as a basement or playroom area if your customer will use that area.

Follow the testing procedure for your region or the EPA’s Radon Testing Checklist carefully if you do the radon test yourself. You’ll protect yourself by hiring a reputable person or company if you employ a contractor to evaluate your house.

How do you find a specialist qualified to do the testing? Tell your inspector at home. Your state should also have an agency that deals with problems with radon. In your region, they will be able to provide you with a list of testers. Many states require the licencing, certification, or registration of radon experts.

Ask your home inspector or a reputable contractor whether he holds a licence or a proficiency or certification certificate if your state does not control radon-related services. Has he completed instruction in radon measurement and treating radon problems properly? You may also want to contact the American Society of Home Inspectors, the Home Inspectors National Association, or the Accredited Home Inspectors International Association.