Geothermal Heating Near Me

Most of you are experiencing the strain of this heating or cooling season with large electricity bills, which would have you asking, is there something I can do about it? Heating prices tend to increase, and are more unpredictable than ever before. But with technology that has efficiencies of 300-500 per cent, there is a way to save 70% on your heating and cooling bill. Only one heating technology can achieve numbers of these kinds, and that is by using geothermal heating.Heating in Kalamazoo offers excellent info on this.

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Geothermal heating (aka Land Source Heat Pumps, GSHP’s, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Geoexchange, etc.) is simply a means of heating and cooling a building into your house that drains power from the field. To explain how it functions, you need to grasp the workings of a heat pump. That of you in your home has a heat pump in one way or another, the temperature being a furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump for the air supply. All that a heat pump does is take heat from one spot, send it through a loop of refrigerants, and transfer it to another. A refrigerator takes heat from inside the refrigerator and pumps it outside into the sink, which is the refrigerant coils at the rear of the unit. GSHP ‘s work the same way, except for the unit’s heat sink is a large ground loop buried in the ground. A vapor is pumped through the ground system, and when it travels, it collects the heat from the earth’s broad thermal mass. That earth temperature is about 45-55 degrees F below the frost line all year round, so in the most extreme temperature situations, the heat pump runs big. The circulated liquid is then put through the heat pump, which uses a refrigerant cycle to supply the heat to the distribution system in your home, which can either be forced air or radiant heat.

Geothermal Heating has numerous benefits over a traditional device, with the main being a massive 50-70 percent cost gain on heating and cooling bills. With a COP (Coefficient of Performance) varying from 3-5 (300-500 percent efficient) the heat pumps are highly efficient, emit no green house gasses and do not need to consume any heating fuel. They also run quietly, are very reliable, heat and cool with the same unit, and as a byproduct of normal operation, they can generate a significant portion of your domestic hot water needs.

Such innovative devices have also come with the myth, which is very real, of a very large initial deployment expense. A geothermal device can cost you more to build in your home than a traditional system, but there are a few tremendous considerations that alter the image entirely. The first is the incredible savings in electricity. During the year, a geothermal system will save you 70 per cent on your bill for heating and cooling, which is thousands of dollars straight to your pocket. With winter heating costs reaching all the time highs in northern climates while being very volatile, you can not afford not having a geothermal heating system.