Customer Service Tips For the Vape Store

There are a couple of things I learned while running a Yelp store. One is to constantly be marketing your business through social media, and two is to treat your customers well. So I ran an article about the second part; I called customer service the Yelp store gold mine.Get the facts about vape store.

It’s amazing how social media can help you build relationships with your customers and your employees. My Yelp store was actually one of the very first Vaporizers stores to open up in Austin, Texas. My neighbors actually heard about it through word of mouth and came to check out the place. That experience forever changed the way I approach my job as a Vaporizer/Craftsman of Vaporizers.

Now that I’m retired, I really missed working in the community around Vaporizers and e-cigs, but I still keep in touch with some of the old timers. They’re just great people to talk to. In fact, after I lost the e cigarettes and vaporizer store that I used to work for, I joined a local craftsmanship club, which is where I met some really cool people, some of whom are in the e cigarettes and vaporizer business.

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