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In your practise, play and say these notes out loud frequently and in distinct order, and you will soon be able to find them at will. To sum up, we found Middle C on our sheet music in this post, Teach Yourself to Play Music – A Very Simple Lesson for Music and Piano; and from there, we found all the notes for the treble and all the notes for the foundation. We found Middle C by passing the information to the piano and from there we found all the notes to the right, the treble notes, all the notes to the left, the bass notes and every white key on our keyboard was played and called. This was a very fundamental music lesson, but I do hope it helped to demystify the piano and music in general. My name is Ken Window and I’m a piano player from Budding, too. I always wanted to play music, but I never knew how easy it was until now to practise. You will now know from the article above how simple it is for each of you to play music yourself.Check out Hilton Piano Center LLC, Albany for more info.

There are a variety of things we like to take for granted while playing the piano. We’ll be looking at some of them in this series of short articles and exploring exactly how they affect the way we play.

This opening article will focus on sitting at the piano, as the above title indicates.

When we sit at the piano, clearly, we need to feel relaxed. All significant is posture.

Where to sit, first of all. When playing a piano with 88 or 76 keys, this is fairly clear. In front of Middle C, you only sit in the centre. But when playing a keyboard with 61 keys or less, it might be less noticeable. But you should be seated opposite the C note nearest the middle, no matter what keyboard you play.