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If a rose is still a rose by any other name, so a sandwich would still be a sandwich by any other name. Popular opinion is that some time in the 18th century, John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich invented this culinary treat, and although this is not entirely true, it is a matter for future debate and we will merely embrace the belief at face value for our present intent.You may want to check out Chicken Salad Shoppe – Austin Sandwiches for more.

One of the world’s marvels were sandwiches. I’ve never met someone who doesn’t want one or another type of sandwich. In both cultures, sandwiches are found. In fast food chains, upscale restaurants, low-scale restaurants, greasy spoons, and of course, in our own kitchens, sandwiches are eaten.
For breakfast, they are consumed.

Have you ever seen a fast food restaurant that doesn’t have its own “breakfast sandwich” variant that the starving eater will easily snatch from the drive through the windshield and scarf down in the morning while rushing to work?
For certain people, sandwiches are generally the preferred lunch time option, and sandwiches are also consumed at night for those who do not like going to bed hungry.

The sandwich is always eaten for dinner too, in this day and age where most of us are running from place to place all day long. In this way the family no longer needs to spend time getting together to share a meal that mom lovingly put together.
As they deliver bags of sandwich meat ready to go, our supermarkets are very useful to us. At one point, the sandwich was made up of the left overs from dinner the previous night. Now because enough of us don’t really consume meals to cause this question to be left over these pre-packaged sandwich meats have been fixed.

Although it is correct that the consequence since the 18th century has been to call the outcome “a sandwich” as food is put between two pieces of bread, we also see the sandwich named by other names. Generally, for example, we’ll either ask for a hamburger or a hotdog. Both the hamburger and the hotdog are served between two bread pieces, but we usually omit the word “sandwich” in their cases. That does not obviate, though the fact that they are both sandwiches.