Bubble Wrap Roll for Shipping

Believe it or not, Alfred Fielding and Mark Chavannes did mistakenly invent bubble wrap in 1957. A unintended discovery has contributed to the world’s most innovative substance used in the packaging industry. Essentially, bubble wrap is a transparent fabric, or polyethylene paste. This is made of air cushions in the shape of air bubbles stuck between two transparent plastic layers. Visit us on bubble wrap roll.

This concept is innovative in its capacity to shield the packaged products from vibration and shock when transporting them during shipment. Goods transported using this process have improved security against breakage and it is especially valuable for products which are deemed delicate.

Today you can buy plastic bubble rolls which will provide secure and abrasion-free transport and shipment of just about every products. These rolls are offered in small and broad sizes and different thicknesses based on the product you carry. However, even the size of the air pockets used in can be customized to better meet the needs of anything you carry, particularly when it comes to heavy products.

In the past, merely wrapping products with a rubber or stretch film was not unusual to prevent them from vibrating and jumping around and the usage of a modern wrapping medium will fulfill these purposes. Not only does it help to enclose the products to hold them together securely, it also includes an extra cushioning sheet to defend against breakage. Small packaging with bubble wrap helps guard from scratching, chipping and denting.

There are also food grade bubble bags that can be used to hold various kinds of food products. In reality, bubble packaging has now gone so far as to be used in the postal industry such as mailers and envelopes as well as antistatic aluminum bags. Such antistatic kits are primarily developed for electronic devices vulnerable to electrostatic discharges.

There are some benefits of use this form of content for packaging:

  • Really inexpensive form of packaging
  • Offers outstanding defense
  • Need to use less printing content
  • Lightweight.
  • Is recyclable and reusable