BoxDrop – Back Pain and Mattress Shopping

Let’s all get together. Matress shopping is an arduous process. No one likes to lie on a mattress and pretend to be relaxed in front of some drooling sales person. It’s always enjoyable for me to hear the guy say something to the effect of … “Ok … so you just want to rest and get in a spot you’d be sleeping in. HA: HA! Like THAT will happen while you look at me! There’s then the question of what kind of bed I’m looking for? Sharp, fuzzy, squishy, acrylic, memory foam, and on and on. I read a million and one posts about the quality of a mattress and what a person would search for in a mattress and the bottom line …. they were all sponsored by companies like Serta, Sealy, Spring Air, Sterns and Foster etc. What’s left to do, then?You may want to check out BoxDrop for more.

Indeed the answer is less complicated than you would think. In reality, Mattress shopping is less about what you think, and more about what you feel. If you’re also fine with hard as a rock / might be cobalt steel than all the sophisticated experiments and terminology will NEVER change what your body thinks is safe. The first thoughts while shopping for a mattress are pretty much Now! If you’re feeling comfortable right then it’ll be in the future and so on. If one mattress feels better than another you should go with that idea TODAY. Don’t think about it just because the sales person uses fancy terms such as pocketed coils or latex foam or positively charged ionic fields (this happened to me for real …).

If you’re looking for a mattress because of back pain then you’re really in luck! We’ve seen 80 percent of those suffering from back pain enjoy better nights of sleep just by adopting this short list of suggestions.

  1. Needless to say, hard is no better!

That’s right … if you don’t feel comfortable with a hard mattress then guess what? It will NEVER feel comfortable towards you.

  1. Stretching is not a substitution. Let’s face it all. All could use a bit extra exercise. Seek to always rest a little before bed. Whether in bed or on the floor … a little stretch goes a long way.
  2. Pillow fight!

Sometimes it’s not your room … sometimes it’s as tired as you are and it’s time for a new one.

Only try your utmost to relax … even though you’re staring at a ton of beds …. and go for what your body tells you’re feeling fine about everything.