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When it comes to paying off a home loan, paying interest every month is a big mistake. You can save thousands on paying your monthly mortgage each month by paying only one extra payment a year instead of paying twice as much each month. A 30-year mortgage can be reduced down to about a 23-year term by paying just once per year instead of paying twice. If you pay biweekly (or monthly, if you prefer) for instance, you are really only making only 22 half-payments over the course of two months. Paying twice as much each month can put an extreme amount of stress on your credit rating and cause your home equity to be lost. By clicking here we get info about mortgage lenders

Another advantage of paying twice a year is that you are paying less to the lender in interest, so they are willing to offer you a lower mortgage amount. This will lower your monthly payments, which will keep your monthly payments down. You may also qualify for a better interest rate if you pay once every three years. Paying twice a year will make your monthly payments more affordable, but your interest rates will be higher because you will have more open bills on your credit record and it takes longer for your credit score to rise.

Paying more money at least once every three years can actually lower your total monthly debt by extending the length of time that your loan is in force. Paying only once a year allows you to pay less on your mortgage over the long-term, but paying twice a year will allow you to pay more on your mortgage over the long-term.

You may be able to pay off your loan sooner if you make a payment on a regular basis that goes beyond your monthly payments. When you make a late payment, your mortgage can be placed back on the balance. If your monthly payments are late for one or two years, your home-equity loan will be at a much lower value than when you made the initial loan and you will have to start paying interest on the new loan balance to get your home equity loan in good standing again.

You can also lower your monthly payments by paying more on your home mortgage each month. If you pay more than the minimum payment each month, the interest rate will go up. {and the value of your home-equity loan will decrease. So you can also increase your payments and lower your interest rate by taking an adjustable-rate loan.