Activities for Seniors – Enjoy Safe Gardening for Seniors

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies from all time. Last weekend I spent tilling the soil with my kids out in the yard to lay down my seeds and plant my vegetables for the year. I’ll wait until the last threat of frost, probably next weekend, has passed before I plant the rest of my flowers. From the time I turned 16 I worked at a landscaping company every summer until I graduated from college 7 years later. Being outside in the fresh air of Colorado was great for my soul and seeing the beauty that my hard work had always produced was a pure pleasure for me. For someone who still has the desire and inclination to do so, I would highly recommend gardening.You may want to check out  senior gardening for more.

Gardening Safety Tips for Seniors with Dementia

Senior gardening provides various therapeutic benefits for the elderly. It becomes one of the best activities for seniors, because you can enjoy the fresh air, you do something very productive, and you get exercise to improve your health. Also, let’s not forget that you’re planting and harvesting the fresh vegetables and fruits you can enjoy, and growing beautiful flowers you can admire.

Big Gardening advantages for Seniors

There are also advantages of gardening for seniors. Here’s a quick list of benefits:

Mentally Challenging-Gardening can help seniors make use of their minds by presenting various tasks and challenges. Gardening demands attention to detail. You’ll need to concentrate on planting, pruning, irrigation, and harvesting. Anything you are planting requires that you follow up your actions. Both of these tasks help to keep the mind engaged.

Develops Strength and Endurance-Senior gardening requires some bending, lifting, and walking. It’s growing strength in the hip, arm, shoulder and back. If you have a wide garden, you may need to walk more, which can help improve your endurance, and enhance your cardiovascular system.

Slows Osteoporosis-Senior gardening helps to strengthen the bones, which is helpful for the prevention or delay of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is more prevalent with seniors, particularly women.

Reduces stress-Gardening helps relieve tension among the elderly. It’s a hobby that helps you to forget everything else, and encourages you to concentrate on the tasks at hand. You will also lower your blood pressure, if you may stress.

Social contact-Planting, like other enjoyable hobbies for seniors, gives you the opportunity to work and engage with others. You can garden with your friends , family, or you can enter and engage with a gardening group, and make new friends. Communicating with others is important for seniors’ mental health, and makes their lives more fun and satisfying.

How to Healthy Gardening for Seniors

Seniors’ activities should not only be enjoyable but also free. Here are some tips for keeping the gardens safe for seniors:

Just make sure you have a healthy health bill before you engage in daily gardening. Talk to your doctor, let them know you want to do some gardening, and ask if you’re healthy enough to do it.

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Stay hydrated so drink plenty of water while gardening. When it’s dry, your body becomes more moist and you lose more fluids. When you are really thirsty you will probably be dehydrated already. Make it a point to drink some water regularly even if when it ‘s hot you don’t feel that thirsty, only so you can replace the lost fluids. Make sure to also use sunscreen to shield you from harmful rays from the suns.

Try to use raised bed gardens, as they remove the need to lean too much over your back, which avoids putting too much strain. Gardening is fun so you could also benefit from making it safe and healthy.

Always keep your paths clear of any debris, and make sure you’ve got quite even ground. Accidents are a big problem when seniors are going on their way through artifacts. Make sure that you keep these clean.

You should do some warm-up exercises before you start gardening for the day. Look at gardening as a physical activity, for it is so.

Injuries occur with seniors because they do not warm up their muscles before they start, and when they take a lot of breaks they do not keep them warm. Warm muscles are equivalent to flexible and loose muscles.