Why you should invest in copper gutters Guidelines

Many times the question is asked if repair of existing failed copper gutters is something that is feasible. This is, of course a matter which cannot be answered until a physical inspection of the gutters is completed by a professional. Unless the gutter has been damaged by a fallen tree or by an uncaring serviceman, chances are that the subject gutter can be professionally restored. If a copper gutter has no coatings or asphalt roof cement patchwork, often the metal can usually be salvaged. Just like the unknowing repairmen that would destroy perfectly viable material with roof cement, are those that would offer a cheap aluminum gutter and scrap the good copper. It is a fast and easy buck for a gutter man that would put your best interests behind his own. jaggroofing.com/why-you-should-invest-in-copper-gutters/ offers excellent info on this.

Often copper gutters are still viable when they are removed and scrapped for the replacement of new aluminum product. The cost of replacing with like material often can be prohibitive for property owners from replacing these relics of our past with like material. The truth is however, many copper gutters can be professionally repaired at a fraction of the cost of total replacement. Retaining the gutters by repairing them just may be an option you have not considered. This may be because several (destructive) contractors have offered the opinion that your gutters need replacement. This is a mentality often observed. It seems that tearing off the old copper and taking it to the scrap yard is the thing to do these days. The truth is usually that a repaired copper gutter will probably outlast the new aluminum gutter offered by the (destructive) contractors.

The alternative is often aluminum and usually in the Ogee style, which usually represents a change not only in the material, but in the style, thereby robbing the structure of some of its character. Sometimes thieves steal downspouts only to have property owners replace the missing material with aluminum. There is a way to keep the copper and lock down your downspouts, so that a thief is more likely to leave them alone. Heavy brackets can be installed, in various styles and they will deter the theft of your precious downspouts.

New hangers are almost always in order to guarantee a positive slope in the repaired gutter. Labor for repair work can exceed that of the installation of new product, but material expenditures with this option are nominal. The end result is a restored gutter with all of its original aged verdigris and character at a price that is reasonable.