Ways To Find A Good Dog Trainer

Do you really need a dog trainer? You can do a lot of dog training at home on your own. Most puppies quickly learn if you’re consistent with what you’re teaching them. In a few weeks you can usually teach them housetraining and some basic manners. www.worldofwonder.net/uk-reality-show-trains-dogs-to-fly-planes-because-what-could-go-wrong/ offers excellent info on this.

Some breeders and many professionals advocate bringing young dogs to pre-school puppy and puppy nursery courses. Such lessons are only for children and are mostly held by pet shops, dog obedience centers, kennel clubs and some shelters. They allow the puppy a perfect chance for socialization. Seeing other pets and adults in a fun environment lets the puppy conquer whatever worries he or she might have.

Below are four ways to search out a dog trainer while attempting to locate one:

1 . Ask pet supplies shops for details and review their message boards.

  1. Talk to people with your local kennel club. Dog trainers may very often be members. Kennel clubs hold obedience shows and may have members who are very experienced in teaching obedience.
  2. Check your phone book and the internet to see if there are any local dog training centers near you. Professional dog trainers may be present. Check if they are teaching basic obedience classes. Remember that you are not looking for someone to teach dog training!

4 . Ask people in your local shelter if they have someone who teaches obedience classes. Some shelters offer obedience classes because trained dogs have a better chance to work in their new homes.

If possible, before attending, try to find out about the trainer and classes to make sure that this is someone you want to learn from. It’s not always possible. Sometimes you hear about a class and it starts the same evening.

Here are four questions you should ask when you and your dog are taking part in the first class:

  1. Would you like the coach?
  2. What is their theory regarding training?
  3. Do they believe the dog should be punished?
  4. Is there somebody you ‘d like to see your dog spend time with?

When you don’t appreciate the teacher so you shouldn’t even bother going to the sessions. You ‘re having to spend many weeks in training with that instructor so it’s just not worth the aggravation of having to practice so listening to somebody you don’t want. There are other coaches and you may meet someone you like more.

It’s really necessary to learn what the philosophy of the teacher is. When you don’t believe in punishing pets because the teacher believes in giving punishment-like adjustments then you shouldn’t be attending a lesson with this specific trainer.

Whether you believe in constructive reinforcement or clicker training because the teacher is a Dog Whisperer who thinks that you are the Alpha king, you would definitely not be really comfortable in college. Switch courses.

Deciding whether or not this is a good class and dog trainer for you basically comes down to asking yourself if this is a person you ‘d trust your dog with. If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t take their class away.