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This year, are you considering incorporating a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy into your advertisement and marketing campaign? Before you begin your programme, you must first decide who your online rivals are and what types of online marketing tactics they employ. You should spend some time online studying and evaluating your local and national competitors…before they do the same to you. Do you want to learn more? Visit Five Channels SEO.


Here are some tips and issues to think about while researching your rivals on the internet:

Layout and Design of the Website

Is your competition using a search engine friendly Web interface, such as HTML or ASP?

Is it likely that they’re using JavaScript, a dynamically-driven site, frames, or tables that would prevent search engines from properly indexing their pages?

Is there a website that is completely made of flash?

Is it easy to access their pages and do they have a professional look and feel to them by using identical font types and sizes and colour schemes throughout?

What percentage of the site’s content is made up of graphics?

What is the total number of Web pages on each of your rivals’ sites? Do you need to increase the number of content-rich Web pages on your site?

Is the entire website focused on a single central theme?

Keywords and their Placement

Where are the rivals using the keywords they’ve chosen? What about the META title tag? What about the META description tag? What’s the deal with the META keywords tag? What about ALT tags? What about headline tags and link text? What is the page’s URL? What are the names of the images?

How many times do those keywords appear on each page of the website?

On the pages of each of your competitors’ blogs, where do each of their keywords first appear?

Are they getting decent Google, MSN, and Yahoo! rankings for their chosen keywords?

What is the keyword density and weight of your competitors’ entire content? Is it possible that they’re keyword spamming?

What are the keywords they’ve chosen to target on their websites? Is it a single word or a long-tail keyword of three, four, or even five phrases?

Factors Off the Page

Compare your Alexa traffic rating to that of your rivals. According to, do they have more or less Web traffic on their sites?

What is their PageRank on Google? Is it higher or lower than yours, once more?

Compare the amount of incoming links your site has to those of your rivals using an online link popularity checker. How much, if any, improvement in connection building does your site need to compete effectively online?

What kinds of incoming links do they get, how high-quality are these links, and how much traffic does a connection from these pages bring in each month for your competitors?

Are any of your competitors mentioned in common connection directories such as, Yahoo! Directory,, or other high-traffic websites?

Do their websites have a sign-up box for an industry email newsletter?

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