Types Of Home Health Care Services

Home Health Care is a growing trend for people who are over aged and do not wish to stay in nursing homes or hospitals for various reasons. Home health care is health care or medical assistance provided directly by a licensed professional caregiver at the person’s home, rather than care given in facilities like nursing homes or clinics. Home healthcare is also sometimes referred to as domiciliary care, community care or residential care. Many people who avail of home health care services are elderly; others are ill or disabled. There are instances where a patient may need constant assistance with activities of daily living but does not require long term care. As home healthcare professionals provide such assistance, they are known as direct care professionals, or DCRs.You can get additional information at My Choice In Home Senior Services – Tulsa Home Health Care.

A licensed home health care aide can provide these basic services to patients. They can provide routine assistance such as cleaning and shopping, light housekeeping and transportation to get the patient from their homes to doctor appointments or other destinations. Some also provide help with bathing, dressing, medication reminders. Depending on the needs of the patient and type of service provided, a caregiver may not be covered by Medicare.

It is important to note that many home health care services may include hospital visits, and it is not uncommon for patients to be admitted to a hospice or similar facility for treatment. However, the majority of these caregivers are often skilled at home care services and so are not required to be admitted in a hospital or have long-term stays. Often, home health care aides allow patients to remain in their homes while receiving care, allowing them to catch up on bills and relax