Tony’s Auto Removal – The Facts and Fictions of Junk Car Towing

When you’ve got a wrecked, derelicted or otherwise undrivable wreck taking up space on your driveway or yard, you’ve probably wondered once or twice what to do with it. If you’ve considered removing junk cars but aren’t sure how to stop scams, or just have concerns about the entire process of ruined car picking, it’s time to learn the truth and fictions of disposing of that old jalopy. Tony’s Auto Removal offers excellent info on this.

Fiction: Junk cars are harmless, so they are able to sit down forever.

Fact: Having an ancient hulk of rust or totaled late-model sitting in your driveway or yard, besides looking less than stellar, is actually rather dangerous. From the myriad risks from sharp edges such as glass and metal to the toxicity and environmental hazards of leaking fluids such as antifreeze, gasoline, and fuel, only leave that old mess where it is putting you and your family in danger. For your property and your family, calling a junk hauling service to remove the vehicle is by far the safest option.

Fiction: The replacement of junk cars is not possible for vehicles which do not drive or roll.

Fact: Most car hauliers will take any vehicle, whatever the situation. Most junk car collection services are specialized in collecting cars and trucks of all ages , sizes and degrading rates. In many cases, with flatbeds available, these companies will haul off vehicles with bent axles, no wheels, crumpled frames and other major issues. Even the most challenging situations don’t mean these pros won’t be able to drive your junk car off.

Fiction: Junk car pickup costs too much to be worth it.

Fact: Car removal companies should pay you to drive your old car or truck away, and not the other way around. Even the oldest, most damaged vehicle has value: The car’s metal can be recycled for scrap at the very least. So don’t expect the big bucks to fork out-or something! —To get this beater towed away. The price the car hauling company offers you obviously has a lot to do with the vehicle’s salvage value and its component parts, so how much you get will vary. But do not be scammed if the car towing service tries to charge you! Indeed, a small amount of online research can help you determine a fair price for your junk car so you will have negotiating power when it comes to negotiating a price for your vehicle for the junk haulers to pay.