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If you are looking to buy a full solar panel system or if you are buying parts to assemble your own solar panels, you want to make sure you buy the right solar panels for your own reason. To help you make the right decision, this article provides some basic information on solar panels.Do you want to learn more? Visit TruHome Pros, West Dundee .

One thing right at the beginning, there’s nothing like “the world’s best solar panels for everyone.” If you want to produce energy for your home and even feed excess capacity into the power grid or whether you want to charge a car battery now and then, makes a huge difference. And the generation of hot water from a solar installation actually needs a completely different technology. Those so-called “thermal solar collectors” or “solar collectors” are not even proper solar panels in the narrower context. What’s the difference then?

Solar panels (photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic modules) transform electrical power to shortwave radiation, e.g. parts of sunlight. They consist of solar cells that are interconnected and are covered by a variety of different materials. The surface is transparent and, typically in an aluminium case, the solar panel is framed.

Solar collectors are, on the other hand, a system of tubes filled with liquid. Sunlight heats up the liquid and the tubes. For hot water and ventilation, a heat exchanger now transfers the heat to the plant water circuit.

Solar power is a “green” and clean energy that does not emit toxic carbon dioxide, which ensures that your carbon footprint is a perfect way to minimise it. A standard home solar energy device, which works out to about 30 tonnes over its lifetime, will save up to 3000 pounds of CO2 per year.