The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC – Delaware Criminal Defense Attorney Information

Criminal defense careers offer several exciting and rewarding positions in both public and private sectors. Employment options in any legal organization would depend upon the size of the firm, specialization, and expertise. Criminal defense lawyer or attorney can specialize in areas such as DUI, DWI, disorderly conduct, kidnapping, domestic violence, weapon crimes, felonies, murder, parole violations, arrest warrants, bail hearings, or summonses. However, a great deal of trial experience is required for any criminal defense lawyer. Most of the criminal defense lawyers work for prosecutor?s or public defender?s office. To get more information try out here The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC – Delaware Criminal Defense Attorney

The attorneys can specialize in white collar criminal defense. Most of the large law firms consist of a white-collar criminal defense division. They can also work as solo practitioners. White collar criminal defense lawyers provide legal representation for corporate clients against regulatory boards such as the Securities and Exchange Commission or against the corporate crime division of the U.S. attorney’s office. Besides crime issues, they can also specialize in embezzlement, price-fixing, fraud, bribery, and racketeering. White collar criminal defense attorneys charge relatively higher than that of large-scale civil litigation attorneys.

The lawyers can also specialize in appellate law. Appellate attorneys can work in both private and government organizations. They spend most of their time in appellate research, presentation of oral arguments, and in the preparation of records and briefs. A wide range of appellate caseload is available in both state and federal courts. State appellate criminal defense attorneys can earn a government salary. Private lawyers engaged in appellate cases can earn a huge amount as salary. Most appellate attorneys will have either prior trial experience or clerking experience for a judge.