The Importance of 24 Hour Well Pump Service

If you have a basement sump and pump system, you’ll need to be serviced, even if it’s been dry and the pump doesn’t have to work pumps can seize if it’s not being used and you won’t know if it works or not if there’s no water. For more details click 24 hour well pump service.

— Any silt removed from the sump liner

— Check removal and replacement of the check valve, if necessary

— Change alarm batteries

— Check the Float switch and impeller operation

— Take off any limescale or other pump debris

— Check pump (and battery pump if present) operation;

Also, if you have a backup battery pump

— Battery Charging Test

— Battery pump function including float switch and fuel impeller

— Battery-pump alarm test

If you have a drainage channel under the floor this should be flushed out with clean water and tested for functionality.

Before it is serviced you should not wait until there is a problem with the sump pump and damage may well have been done Pro-active servicing is the way to avoid problems.

If you know what you’re doing, there’s no reason why you can’t operate your own basement sump and pump system, but if your system has been professionally installed and is under warranty, you should use the original installation company to do the pump service to avoid split responsibility if anything goes wrong. If you are at the stage of considering a professional installation company, discount any firms that do not offer after sales servicing for this very reason.

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