A Look At Austin Stem Cells Treatment

Stem cells treatment is basically the usage of stem cells to either stop a certain disease or condition from occurring or cure a disease. Currently, the only clinically tested treatment with stem cells is cord-blood stem-cell transplantation. This generally takes the form of an umbilical stem-cell transplant, but the stem cells could also be obtained from umbilical cord Blood. The procedure is carried out by experts who are skilled in the technique.Learn more by visiting Austin stem cells treatment

A good example of when stem cells may be used in osteoarthritis is when your doctor says you will need a hip replacement in case of severe hip arthritis. In this case, a doctor might decide to try a hip replacement that utilizes stem cells from your body. If the stem cells successfully contained osteoarthritis antigens, then it will surely facilitate in helping your hip replaced and thus stop the progress of the disease.

Another very good example is when you take corticosteroids for your osteoarthritis treatment. This method has been tested on animals only and its results are yet to be validated on humans. Corticosteroids will help in lessening inflammation of the knee pain in case of osteoarthritis. However, the long term effects of corticosteroids on the body are not known. It would be best to consult your doctor about this matter before taking this treatment.