St. Louis Medical Marijuana Cards – An Overview

A medical marijuana card or medical marijuana identification card is a professional state issued identification card that allows a qualified patient with a registered doctor’s recommendation to purchase, have, or grow small amounts of cannabis for personal medicinal use regardless of the lack of the standard federal drug testing for effectiveness and safety. In general, an MMJ card is easy to obtain because it does not require a medical marijuana license or any other formal recognition. Rather than being “gateway” card, it simply makes it easier to receive treatment from qualified doctors. In some states, patients may also receive a card in the mail but it is recommended that patients schedule an initial visit with a local physician or provider for a complete medical history and potential cause of symptoms. Have a look at St. Louis Medical Marijuana Cards for more info on this.

While the issuance of medical marijuana cards can be obtained without a prescription from a doctor, patients may face serious penalties if they are caught trafficking or buying illicitly grown cannabis. In addition, they may be denied employment or housing opportunities in some circumstances. Currently, patients may only obtain an ID through a valid prescription from a licensed physician. As medical marijuana continues to become more mainstream, more states are considering further legal protection for patients while also encouraging more comprehensive treatment programs.

States across the country are taking measures to establish licensing systems for physicians who recommend medical marijuana cards. The ultimate goal is to create a system that helps protect both qualified patients and legally authorized caregivers who use marijuana for treatment. However, many jurisdictions have limited options for licensing doctors and also prevent cities and municipalities from preventing possession or use of marijuana by anyone who has not been diagnosed as having an illness or disease for which marijuana is recommended. As additional states consider medical marijuana cards, the general consensus among patients and their doctors remains that it is beneficial to be informed about current federal laws regarding its use and benefits before patients begin using it on a regular basis.