Realities about South Ockendon Portaloo Hire

For several of us of course, the word ‘portable toilet’ would bring up terrifying memories. Portable toilet hire is very rarely synonymous with luxury, from grotty cubicles that line the fences at funfairs to the rancid fields of portaloos that are burned into the memory of any festival goer. However, thanks to companies like the Convenience Business, who are trying to reinvent the picture of the lowly portaloo, these preconceptions can finally be discarded.Check out South Ockendon Portaloo hire for more info.

The company is the first UK company to specialise in luxurious portable toilet hire, so it is primarily designed for special events rather than daily occasions, and is much more classy than your regular portaloo ‘bog. But what separates the normal variety from a luxury portable unit? Well first of all, you can guarantee that these restrooms will be cleaned to a far higher standard for your case. After all, simple plastic boxes are the regular portable toilet hire units, unlikely to be anything other than a seat and fundamental flush mechanism, so they will be hosed down and disinfected when they are drained, but not thoroughly washed out. On the other hand, between each use, as you may assume, the luxury toilets are absolutely beautified.

Of course, it is important to clean thoroughly – after all these units are entirely different from your regular cubicle units; they come in huge units, more like portacabins than portaloos, divided into one side for women, complete with multiple bathrooms, and one side for men usually containing several urinals and a single bathroom. In addition, by providing the sort of bathroom one would expect to find inside a place, they distinguish themselves as the most luxurious in the toilet hire market. These toilets come with carpeting, completely functional sinks, mirrors to ensure that you look as nice as you can, air fresheners, and even a sound system for piping music into toilets.

So, if you are organising an outdoor event, whether it is the aforementioned wedding, or some other such event that might entail major planning, it is always worth trying to make things as simple as possible – of course, portable toilet hire may not always be the first thing that comes to mind in that case, but it does not really need to