Personal Injury – Know Your Rights

Personal injury refers to any injury you may suffer because of any road accident or a slip or fall in your workplace or due to medical negligence in your daily life. Surprisingly, it also involves mental injury. If you suffer physical or psychological injury from another person or company, he or the company may be legally responsible for your condition and all expenses associated with your treatment will be requested. You see a lot of personal injury television ads and how they are prepared to help you get a claim from the company or individual responsible for your personal injury. Such lawyers or law firms specialise in getting claims for their customers, and some of these are even prepared to take fees only when they win the case for you to say boldly, no win, no fees. By clicking here we get info about Malloy Law Offices, LLC
Take the case of a person slipping on the floor of a mall, for example, because the floor was slippery and had not been properly mopped. He may sue the owner of the mall for all the expenses he had to pay for his leg treatment. Of all the claims made for cases of personal injury, most are for slips and falls in workplaces. There are other types of instances of personal injury as well. Suppose you eat at a restaurant and fall ill shortly after you get sick. You have the right to make a claim against the owner of the restaurant for your medical expenses.
Settlement is the money you get to win the case against the individual who caused you injury. It is the insurance companies which on behalf of the guilty party, pay the settlement and it is in the interest of these insurance companies that the settlement is kept to a minimum. That is the reason why people use attorney’s services when filing a personal injury case. Typically, this settlement includes medical treatment, loss of work revenue, and also for the pain suffered. Sometimes, money is also paid to the spouse for what is called the consortium’s loss. This is really frivolous, and the loss of benefits, including care for the spouse, and even sex during the period, is paid for.