Page & Eichenblatt, P.A – An Update

Find an injury attorney with personal injury experience and expertise while finding an attorney to represent you for injuries sustained in an incident.  Visit us on Page & Eichenblatt, P.A. Here are a few suggestions for helping you find the best legal counsel for your needs:

1) Tell the judge who else is liable for the case

When you keep a big firm possibility there would be a network of assistants, paralegals and partners dealing with personal injury issues, all of whom could have access to the situation. Understanding who works with the case and what their background is is nothing inconsistent with that. Most serious injury lawyers will have non-attorneys operating in the lawsuit, writing pleadings, consulting to physicians and adjusters to mitigate costs (because they don’t get charged before you return under new retainers in New York). Make sure these are qualified practitioners who are courteous and well-informed about your topic. Finally, you want to be confident that the solicitor is held up-to – date on the success of the lawsuit and find out at your first encounter how the counsel manages the practice of other legal professionals and reviews the trial status.

2) Get solicitor ratings or other information online

With an array of details accessible on the internet, you may find out how long the accident lawyer has been in practice, what legal school he graduated from, whether or not he received any big verdicts, his court record and client ratings. Most companies maintain blogs that explain what the profession is about and provide client testimonials, as well as important legal notices and court decisions. Until consulting your solicitor, do not wait to study him online, just before your first encounter, he can give you a clear feeling about his work. When the rating is negative, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Don’t immediately presume the attorney is inept from one negative evaluation, allow him the chance to clarify what occurred under the security concerns allowed guidelines, and make the decision after seeing what the attorney has to tell.

3) Tell for

To other consumers the old school approach to query your friends and relatives for a referral is always an approach to go. With traffic injuries being so common, odds are somebody has been treated in a car crash by automotive injury attorneys and may be willing to give an view on the counsel and the company. Remembering that three separate individuals can have three different views on the same lawyer is important; it’s all about personal interests. Instead of collecting anecdotal details, find out the facts: how long had gone by since the case was resolved, did any complicated problems emerge and how did the solicitor address them, what was the outcome, and was it acceptable for the client?