Methods To Prevent Impaired Driving in Teens

With all the talk of distracted driving and teen drivers, you can be curious about what you can do with your teens to stop impaired driving. One thing you should do is warn your teens of the risks of driving when distracted by text messages or using other mobile electronic devices, such as a PDA or cell phone, on the lane. Studies have shown that teenagers who get into accidents risk their lives due to distractions. The goal here is to speak to your kids about the risks of distracted driving, and let them know that if captured, their behaviour could mean a long time behind bars. Try to restrict the use of hand held devices while driving, if possible, to decrease the distractions that your teens are exposed to while on the road. Have a look at auto injuries to get more info on this.

Another thing you can do to further minimise the number of teenage driving incidents is to get them used to car safety and proper driving techniques early on. Before having a driver’s licence, the best way to do this is to encourage your teens to take a driving safety class. Although it’s not a replacement for a real licence training program’s hands-on experience, it can help prepare your teen for the many unexpected scenarios they’re likely to encounter on the road. Even if they don’t end up having to take a driving safety lesson, driving safety lessons will equip your teenagers with the awareness they need to be careful on the road and appreciate the different road signs they should know about.

There are, of course, other things that you can do to help your teens from being distracted by text messages or other use of wireless devices on the lane. Making sure they drive carefully is one of the best ways to prevent the teenagers from getting into accidents or causing accidents themselves. Teens who constantly speed up or speak on their mobile phones are more likely to put themselves in the way of danger. Try to avoid encouraging your adolescents to text or use wireless devices while driving, if possible, and try to keep them busy in other ways so that they would be less inclined to do so. Using a mobile phone or smart phone in your car’s glove compartment is also a safe idea. Your teen may not think twice about getting a phone in this compartment, but in the event of an accident, it may save her life.