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When you visit your dentist, there are many ways to relax. In an attempt to divert you from what’s happening in your mouth, others are literally mind over matter and employ strategies such as listening to music, looking at peaceful scenery, or watching the new video. More recently, a cosmetic dentist’s efforts, which could require more intensive practise, will provide a wider variety of strategies for relaxation. These offerings can be regarded as dentistry of sedation. Have a look at Los Angeles TMJ Doctor to get more info on this.

Find a Merry Spot

This technique sounds trite, but often it can take a long way to alleviate some of the anxiety that many people feel while visiting their cosmetic dentist to clear their mind, listen to soothing music or natural sounds. Instead of the actual pain endured, it is also the expectation of pain that causes the high degree of anxiety that many individuals go through.

Grab a pill

An oral sedative such as Diazepam may be administered by your dentist the night before an operation. And hours before an appointment, certain meds can be given. These sedatives will calm you, but pain relief will not be offered. So the dentist will also apply local anaesthetic, such as a shot of Novocain, in addition to the sedative.

Therapy IV

Via intravenous (IV) sedation, some cosmetic dentists are able to provide anti-anxiety medication. While part of your fear stems from needles, you might not be drawn to this form of relaxation either. Again with this form, there is no pain relief, so the application of local anaesthetic would be required.

Laugh, Please Laugh

Nitrous oxide gas or laughing gas are probably the most common – or most commonly lampooned – version of sedation. While staying conscious, the patient breathes the gas in, enabling the dentist to administer local anaesthetic again to alleviate any discomfort you may feel during your operation.

Sleep Off It

General anaesthesia is the only form of sedation absolutely assured to eliminate both fear and discomfort. In this procedure, to make the patient totally unconscious, the dentist uses anaesthetic. You can feel no discomfort while unconscious and have no sense of your surroundings. This is the only technique that will not require local anaesthetic, but you will have to recover from being knocked out completely.

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