IV- A Simplified Guide

Intravenous therapy, abbreviated as IV treatment is a specialized medical procedure that delivers a prepared liquid directly to a person’s veins. The intravenous pathway of treatment is often used for nutrition or rehydration purposes in individuals who can’t eat or drink through the mouth. The majority of individuals suffering from conditions like diabetes, severe heart failure, and other ailments don’t require intravenous therapies to deliver the drugs directly to their veins because they can administer the medication by mouth. However, there are some who may have small or large varicose veins, are suffering from spider veins, or any other venous conditions that make it difficult to administer drugs directly to the veins. In this case, an IV catheter is often the most effective and safest method of delivering the drug.Checkout iv denver for more info.

The catheter is typically made up of a stainless steel tube with a closed end, similar in design to a hypodermic needle. One end of the tubing is attached to a vein in the upper arm; the other ends are attached to a bag placed under the skin for collection. The IV fluids are then transported via IV lines in a syringe-like container through the needle attached to the tubing. The fluid travel from the vein into the bag, where it is stored until it is ready to be used by the patient. A patient may receive several doses of intravenous medications/IV fluids depending on his or her conditions.

Unlike other IV fluids, IV dextrose and other sugar-based medications are delivered through different routes. In dextrose delivery, the glucose or sugar solution is introduced into the vein and travels into the bag, where it is collected and disposed of according to the schedule decided by your doctor. Dextrose is generally administered three to four times a day. Your doctor may also recommend that you receive a regular dose of insulin, which is sometimes called insulin shock therapy, before receiving any dextrose. Alternatively, you may also receive a low dose of oral hydrocortisone, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.


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