Important Tips for Becoming a Successful Rancher

Basically, three steps need to be followed if you are looking to become a cattle rancher:

  1. Get the experience, get the experience
  2. Purchase the property
  3. Get the animals

It’s just a nut-shell now. There’s more to it than what’s listed in “three-easy steps.” Quite frankly, to become a cattle rancher and have a working ranch that will last you for many years, a lot more than just three steps must be followed, check this link right here now.

If you don’t know what is involved in raising cattle, you’re not going to be much of a cattle rancher. Get some experience for a year or two by working similarly to the way you want to run yours for a cattle ranching outfit that operates their ranch. This is a great way to see what really involves owning and running a cattle ranch, and may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in your decision whether or not you want to carry out your dream or goal of becoming a rancher.

You will more than likely be working with all classes of livestock on the ranch you are working on: cows, calves, bulls, heifers and steers. You will be able to experience the dangers of new momma cows, harem-protecting bulls and predators who, once in a while, like to take down a young calf. You will also be able to experience the rush, the very early mornings and late nights of the hay season, the branding time, the calving time, and the cold days when their mothers need to wean calves. You will also be witnessing the hard work of ranch life, muscle aches, exhaustion, accidents, emotional turmoil. To crunch the numbers and see that ranching is not a get-rich-quick money-making enterprise you probably had in mind, you will have to see the financial parts of the operation.

In addition to all the surprises and aches and pains, if you’re the sort who knows about farming/ranching and raising cattle, you should expect to go through a massive learning curve. In times when pasture is sparse or not worth grazing, marketing/selling cattle, bull management, cattle nutrition, fencing, branding, roping, riding ranch horses, and everything else in between, you will learn everything from grazing management, care for the land and wildlife that it needs, as well as the cattle, reproduction, feeding or winter-grazing cattle. Be prepared for and embrace constructive criticism of the unforeseen.