How to Fix a Leaking Pipe

The most common plumbing emergencies are burst water pipes for homeowners and commercial building owners alike. Another outcome of a split pipe emergency plumbing situation is water escape, aside from a broken pipe. To prevent mold growth and costly damage to walls, ceilings, floors and indoor belongings, water leaking out of a cracked pipe must be dried quickly. Emergency plumbers report that during winters, burst pipes are more prevalent, and usually result from frozen pipes that are not thawed in time.I strongly suggest you to visit to learn more about this.

The following emergency steps on how to fix burst water pipes are available:

1. To stop the supply of water to the damaged pipe, close the main water shut-off valve and contact your local emergency plumber.

2. Let water pressure drop by opening a faucet at the end of the burst pipe.

3. Try detecting the source of leakage along the pipe, i.e. from where water escaped. To collect water that leaks out, place a bucket under the damaged section. If the leak source turns out to be a jump from a pinhead hole to step 5.

4. By wrapping the damaged section of the pipe with rubber and clamping it with a pipe-sleeve clamp, adjustable hose clamp or C-clamp, apply a pipe clamp or make one. Jump to step 7.

5. Pinhead holes can be temporarily sealed by inserting in a pencil and breaking off tip.

6. Dry pipe and cover pinhead hole with gapless tape. Secure rubber over the layer of tape for added pressure.

7. By now your SOS plumber should arrive to the rescue. Let the emergency plumbing service professional replace the damaged section with a new pipe.

Applying emergency plumbing repair to a burst pipe is an effective way to damage control the situation, conserve gallons of water and reduce costs significantly. If you are doubtful about conducting steps 2-6 alone, then simply close the water shutoff valve and call in the plumber. Shutting main water valves in times of water related plumbing emergencies conserves gallons of scarce water that will otherwise flood your home.