How to Appeal a denial of Benefit Claims Through ERISA

The objectives of ERISA are to protect the long term benefits of employees and provide for economic stability in the industry. ERISA also requires companies to establish and maintain plans for grievances and appeals process so that participants can pursue and receive benefit payments in cases of denied compensation. It also gives members the right to file grievances with plan administrators and employers for plan violations of fiduciary responsibility and unpaid benefit claims. In addition, ERISA encourages long-term investment by employers in their companies and encourages them to provide an enriched worksite experience by providing an organized, productive environment that enables employees to be their best at work. Learn more about ERISA Benefits Attorney-McKennon Law Group PC.

If you feel that you have been a victim of employer negligence, harassment, or other illegal activities, the first step is to hire an experienced ERISA Benefits Attorney. Such an attorney will review your case and advise you on the proper procedures to take. If your employer is cooperative, they may offer you a settlement, but if they do not, you have the right to go to court to seek damages for your suffering. Such an attorney can help you win your lawsuit and bring about changes to benefit plans and practices that will prevent ERISA abuse in the future.

For example, if you have filed a claim for unemployment benefits denied because you used to be employed as a car repair shop before being laid off, you might appeal the denial based on the fact that you were a member of the organization for over fifteen years. You might have also been a member of your local chamber of commerce for over ten years. These are the factors that will be considered by your appeals board when reviewing your claim. An experienced ERISA benefits attorney will work with you to determine if you have a strong case and will fight your appeal until you have achieved the results you want.