Hardwood Flooring Maintenance 101

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We’ve heard a lot about the benefits of owning hardwood floors but how much do we know about their maintenance? Hardwood floors do amazing work for our home but most of us overlook the proper maintenance of it. Read this article in full and find out how you can keep your hardwood flooringSacramento alive and beautiful.

The first step to guarantee the longevity of hardwood floors is to determine the type that you have. Ask your contractor for hardwood flooring which type of wood is being used and its qualities. In understanding the kind of wood used, you’ll be able to tell what kind of cleaning technique applies. Softer woods such as cherry wood are more susceptible to dents and scratches than hardwoods such as oak. If your house has soft wood, be sure to take extra care to protect it.

Dirt, sand and grime are the worst enemies of your floor, because they can wear the surface of the floor. The deposition of soil and other particles on your floor is unavoidable, because most of these dregs are carried in from the outside. Some of the best ways of preventing the accumulation of dirt on the Bay Area hardwood flooring or laminate flooring is by adding some mats at the door and on often used areas such as kitchen and bathroom. It is also best to train your kids before entering the house to wipe their feet onto the doormat.

Scratches and dents reduce the gloss of your hardwood flooring. Upon installing the flooring in hardwood and or laminate, avoid blunt items that can damage the floor. Avoid wearing high-heels ad other hard soled shoes, because the fragile wood will create scratches. Yet another major scratching culprit is furniture. All furniture should have under-legged covers to protect the wood from damage. To prevent any likelihood of scratches, place a wool or any cloth under the furniture. Never press it against the floor when you try to move furniture, because it can damage the surface of the floor. The heavier the piece of furniture, the deeper the mark. Lift up and carry the furniture off the board.

Observe proper method of cleaning your hardwood floors. Vacuuming the hardwood floor is necessary but be careful about how this equipment responds to your floor. Use a canister vacuum with a bare-floor attachment or a brush attachment is best. Beater-bar vacuums are not recommended. Also ensure the vacuum wheels don’t scratch the floor as it moves. Be sure to wring the water off the mop when mopping, because the hardwood can be brittled with liquids. Using the pH cleaner for wood and water solution on your walls. Be careful what items you pick, and check with your flooring supplier or flooring expert for advice if in doubt.