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I will just come out and say it: not all painters are made equally. It’s not a slight thing, it’s a fact, and I’m sorry if this statement injures any egos. Austin Painters offers excellent info on this. Within the face painter ranks, there are many degrees of separation and if you want to make an educated decision, it’s important to know more about that. First of all, you’ve got a professional face painter vs. a hobbyist painter. The professional painter will have a business-like attitude to the event and everything from telephone consultation, communications to follow-up and their presence will show that you are dealing with a professional. The hobby / new painter is only just beginning and working his  way up to his professional status, or is just someone who sees face painting as a hobby. Often, you’ll pay more for a specialist … And you know the saying to get what you’re paying for. But anybody can call himself a professional painter, and the customer will be none the wiser, so what do you expect from a real professional face painter?


A website complete with the artist ‘s data, service offers and photographs of the faces he  actually painted. Beware the buyer! Some painters “borrow” stock images from other painters or watermarked images. The explanation for the notice is that you may not get the consistency of the paint you thought you were painting. If in doubt, ask the painter if he or she has painted every face seen. Craigslist is not always the best place to find a talented painter, but to reach a wider consumer base, many pros post advertisements that connect back to their websites on Craigslist.

I bet the reason you’re reading this is that you’re considering hiring a painting professional to paint your house. There are some main considerations to remember when you make this option, whether you are going to get the interior or exterior painted. Let’s face it, an important asset is your house. Not only do you want it to look fantastic, but by providing good quality workmanship and the best items for job choice, you want to safeguard the value.

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