Fat Anger Can Be Resolved With Cause and Effect

Are you fed up with your weight? Frustration, according to Webster, is the feeling that comes with being thwarted in achieving one’s goals. Throughout my life, I’ve been unfairly judged for being overweight and refusing to lose weight. Have a look at check out the post right here to get more info on this.

The fact that I had raised two sons on my own, kept them safe, fed, clothed, and trained, bought and sold several houses and automobiles, educated myself, started and ran several businesses, published a book, and maintained a social life meant nothing if I hadn’t lost weight. It’s as if one aw shucks removes all the atta boys. Why is there such a harsh position taken against obesity? And, believe it or not, I am in great health.

I assume that the stigma attached to obesity was based on a variety of false assumptions. For decades, the media has extolled the virtues of emaciation. When I asked my boy friends if they preferred bicycle frames or tuck-and-roll upholstery, they always said tuck-and-roll. I’m overjoyed that the modelling industry has now developed a BMI – body mass index – norm. What a shame they had to set the norm instead of relying on our common sense! Unfavorable judgments against obesity, as well as the exploding diet pill, fitness club, and weight loss industry, have decimated women’s common sense.

Our parents, friends, teachers, and physicians have all bought into a big blunder that has gone unnoticed for decades, and their acceptance is part of the harsh verdict toward obesity. I’m sure you’re itching to find out what the blunder is, don’t you?

It’s the reverse of the cause-and-effect relationship.

What does this imply? Will you be able to give me a satisfactory answer to the question “What is Cause?” I doubt all of us will be able to answer it correctly. What if I asked you to “Define impact.” Will you be able to come up with a satisfactory response? I don’t believe so, so I’d like to give you an interpretation and see if you agree that it is an accurate answer.

Things happen as a result of the cause. What do you know about the things that trigger them? Some of you might respond with “God,” but I’d like to encourage you to think about something else. Have you read Richard Bach’s book “Illusions: the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”? It’s incredible. A narrator in the storey is challenged to see if he can make something with his thoughts. He imagines a blue feather, and one appears in his experience in no time.