Family dentistry  – Different Dental Needs of Adults and Children

Family dentistry deals with treating oral health in all stages of life, not just during pregnancy or after a surgical procedure, but especially in teenagers and children. Dentists who treat children usually have more experience dealing with young children, which explains why they have more encounters with problems regarding oral hygiene than other patients. A good dentist can take care of a wide variety of oral problems that occur in this age group, from early teeth abscesses to gum disease. Some children may even need braces or other corrective devices to help them maintain good oral hygiene. Teenagers and children frequently have problems with their own oral hygiene and will benefit from the expertise of a dentist.You can get additional information at Holladay family dentistry.

There are many different types of procedures that dentists can perform to help the children and teenagers in your life to maintain proper oral health. These include cavity fillings, root canals, teeth whitening, bonding, orthodontic braces, veneers, cosmetic treatments, and more. Many family dental offices offer these types of treatments as well as a range of general services. In most cases, a family dentist can treat any type of oral problem, although some specialize in treating a particular type of problem.

The procedures and treatments provided by a family dentistry practice can also benefit adults, although they tend to treat fewer patients overall. Some of the procedures that they provide are similar to those that a pediatric dentist would provide, such as tooth extraction for adults, tooth filling, crowns, and tooth whitening. If an adult wants a deeper cleaning done, such as a cavity cleanse, they may also be referred to a cosmetic dentist.

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