Enhance Your Thinning Ageing Lips With Toorak Lip Fillers

We lose thickness in our lips with time and develop fine lines across the edges, so they don’t appear flat any more. We begin to note that the edges of the vermilion and the bow of the cupid become less developed and the line of the philtrum between the nose and mouth begins to flatten out.Learn more about us at Toorak Lip Fillers

Lip filler treatment is a surgical operation that improves the lips to offer them a fuller, plumper look and smooth away any fine lines and wrinkles across the mouth region , making it a more youthful appearance.

The so-called ideal lip differs from person to individual and it’s suggested the lower lip should appear slightly bigger than the top lip to produce the perfect lips. A successful cosmetic clinic intends to provide a discreet treatment for lip enhancement, to display off the lip’s natural form, minimise asymmetry and have a well-defined boundary to the face.

You can do your homework before selecting someone to improve your lips, as converting ordinary lips into perfect lips requires a lot of experience and expertise. It is important that you select a skilled cosmetic surgeon who is specialised in administering vast quantities of injectable procedures, one who blends art and professional expertise with any procedure they undergo.

Using needle injection, the doctor can administer the lip filling medication to return volume to places where it was lost due to ageing. Dermal filler consisting of hyaluronic acid is suitable for lip stimulation, since it is a naturally occurring substance present in the human body, and this ensures that adverse effects are uncommon.

Treatment with lip filler may:

Creates a smoother top and bottom lip

Lower the fine lines across the mouth

Push the mouth corners high

Drop smokers’ lines above the edge of their lips

Improves lip form and meaning

Even out of desequilibrated lips

The lips are a very delicate area of the face so experiencing any slight pain during the procedure for lip enhancement is perfectly natural. However, dermal fillers may include a numbing agent to reduce the discomfort of the operation, and 20 or 30 minutes before the surgery takes effect, a local anaesthetic solution is added to the lips. This can serve to alleviate the pain, although it is impossible to totally eliminate the feeling.

Unfortunately, dermal filler lip treatments don’t work long, because the body breaks down the fillers progressively over time and they inevitably spread back into the body, so you will ultimately need to top up the filler if you’d like to retain the look. This is not likely to happen overnight since most dermal filler outcomes usually last around 6-8 months and the doctor will let you know how often you may need to return for a top-up injection.

If you need assistance picking a beauty operation, we provide a broad variety of cosmetic procedures for the face and body: Botox, Vaser Lipo, Lip Augmentation, Dermal Fillers and even other therapies to assistance make you appear thinner, slimmer, thinner!