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Dynamic Physical Therapy, based in the northwestern part of Michigan, has been offering physical therapy services since it started in 1995. The organisation has a team of trained physical therapists and practitioners headed by two administrators, both of whom are also licenced and accomplished physical therapists themselves.Learn more about us at  Elementary Health

There is a personal approach to treatment in Complex Physical Therapy, which ensures that each patient receives undivided attention and high quality care. Dynamic Physical Therapy has a one-to-one approach in which one patient from the beginning to the end of the patient’s therapy programme has a dedicated physical therapist.

Dynamic Physical Therapy accepts most insurance and employee benefits, provides flexible payment plans in addition to its affordable services, and helps its patients with insurance filing and other billing matters. Dynamic Physical Therapy collaborates closely with the doctor, insurance provider, and employer of the patient.

Dynamic Physical Therapy also prioritises patient convenience and comfort to ensure that appointments and consultations are on time and available day and night, including lunchtime. Many patients are able to get an appointment within a day because they have a ready team of licenced physical therapists..

In order to treat a wide variety of bone and muscle injuries, whether caused by a sport or work-related injury or for some other purpose, Dynamic Physical Therapy offers expert therapy services. Dynamic Physical Therapy treats hand, forearm, elbow, shoulder, neck and back musculoskeletal conditions down to the hip, knees, ankle and foot. Rehabilitation after joint replacement and other surgical operations is often provided through Dynamic Physical Therapy.

Vestibular therapy services are also offered by Dynamic Physical Therapy to assist in the treatment of balance problems, including motion sickness, vertigo, blurred vision , dizziness, and others.

For injured employees, Dynamic Physical Therapy includes a recovery programme tailored to the work life of the person. The programme helps to provide a quick rehabilitation for an injured worker, which allows the worker to return to work as quickly as possible and prevents him or her from losing substantial income.

Functional ability assessment or FCE, work simulation, enhancement of body movement and posture, endurance training, and cardiovascular conditioning are among the personalised work conditioning programmes offered. In order to further the advancement of rehabilitation, the therapist can also design home exercise programmes. In addition, the recovery programme instructs the employee on how to stop re-injuries.