Earn Cash For Junk Cars

In North America it occurs every day, scrap vehicles are pulled, smashed and broken down only to be re-incarnated at a later date in the shape of houses, structural materials, and a number of other everyday needs. In reality, you may be shocked to hear that vehicles are the country’s most recycled material commodity, with steel recycling equal to 13.5 million cars per year (Steel Recycling Institute). What to Do With Your Old Car offers excellent info on this. The recycling process is not only good for the atmosphere but also tends to maintain the price of raw products for vehicles cheaper than it might otherwise have been.

The mechanics of recycling cars are very easy, they start by contacting a participating auto wrecker and sending them information on your car , truck or SUV and having a estimate on what they’re going to cost for your junk vehicle. A fitting towing truck will be sent from there, and the car will be driven to a scrap yard. Re-usable sections will be taken out from the cabin, exterior and engine room for resale and the remainder of the vehicle will go into a massive shredder.

The shredding method requires less than a minute on older equipment and the metals are removed using a set of magnets for processing, whilst the majority of the materials are typically thrown away. The metals are often often shipped to specific plants upon separation, where they are refined and marketed to automotive makers, building contractors and a number of other suppliers.

This easy procedure is extremely socially friendly, which is much more advantageous to customers. When you happen to have an outdated run-down truck that is no longer running, so in a couple of days you will get cash for vehicles. The price that auto junkers can pay can differ widely based on the car’s weight but on average varies between $200 and $500. Many SUVs and larger vehicles will offer an even greater price. For certain situations, the car will be towed within 24 hours and you will typically collect a check in the mail within one week (this differs based on the vendor you select). You should get rid of the oil leaks, eyesore cars without it costing you a penny when doing something positive for the world!