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“I suffered for two years with lower back pain and finally found relief from a Charlotte orthopedic doctor. He explained the reasons for my pain and suggested several treatments to help me get back to my normal self. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone who is having problems with back pain.” – AnonymousDo you want to learn more? Visit Charlotte orthopedic doctor .

“I had back pain for two years and finally found relief from a Charlotte orthopedic doctor. I was in a lot of pain and not able to do anything. The doctors gave me a few options on how to reduce my pain and I chose a combination of physical therapy and surgery. It was great to know that someone was looking out for me and trying to make things better for me.” – Anonymous

“I have never been so thankful to have found such a caring and compassionate medical professional as a Charlotte orthopedic doctor. He helped me find a new way to deal with my back pain and restored my quality of life.” – Anonymous fine for me. I am so thankful that my Charlotte orthopedic doctor made that possible for me.” – Beverly P.


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