An Overview Of Web Hosting Services

A web hosting provider is a company or an individual that provides Internet access by leasing out hosting space. The space that is leased is given to a user for a particular period of time which can range from a few hours to a year. An Internet hosting provider usually offers different types of hosting services and different levels of hosting service. The basic type of hosting is free hosting, where users access the Internet using an account which is granted by the host. This type of hosting is widely used by small personal websites or by free software and open source projects. By clicking here we get info about hosting
A shared hosting provider uses a server with a number of users. This is the most popular type of hosting since there is no centralization of resources like bandwidth and disk space. Because there is no single host controlling all the resources, the server tends to crash often, resulting in high loads on the server and a loss in the ability to provide fast Internet access. When a user requests information on how much bandwidth and hard drive space they require, the server sends a calculation based on the amount of resources requested. If the calculations are too large, the server crashes and people are unable to access the Internet for a few minutes.
A dedicated hosting provider has their own servers to shared hosting providers lease servers from other providers. They also have their own bandwidth and disk space and there is usually little centralization. Dedicated servers are also the priciest type of servers and they are not suitable for websites that do a lot of file storage and e-commerce sites. Shared servers are the least expensive kind of servers and they offer excellent bandwidth and disk space. A third option is virtual private servers (VPS) where the total sum paid for the use of resources on a server is divided between multiple users.