An Example of a Personal Fitness Plan

From person to person, personal health varies. Even if it is not in fashion, a healthy lifestyle with activities that one is happy with is fine. When a person does exercise, chemicals are released that make the individual happier and more productive. It is always important for a slim figure to have a balanced and safe lifestyle instead of exercising like a maniac.Check out No Limits Fitness for more info.

On the bulkier side, I’ve always been. One needs to exercise and substitute unnecessary calories with nutritious foods in order to maintain and look fit. One day while running, after I discovered my physical ability, I realised I could turn out to be much fitter and healthier. A range of different workouts and a safe, balanced diet is my usual workout routine. Yoga, pilates, dancing, kickboxing, aqua workouts and running on the treadmill are the exercises I love to do – things that l normally do in turns. An person must have an enthusiasm and commitment to fitness, only then can he/she enjoy doing it.

It makes the body more flexible and Yoga is a healthy form of exercise. Skipping an hour a day or yoga will work wonders. After consulting a family doctor, one should always start exercising. Starting under a personal trainer is also best and once one knows what everything is required, he/she can do those exercises on their own. On alternating days, I do weight lifting and give my body a full rest on weekends. It strengthens the muscles, essentially. I do some stretching and aerobic exercises along with this.

As it gives the body and mind complete relief, I do meditation. Before one begins workouts, it is very important for the body to relax and be tension charged. It has a relaxing effect on my body by doing relaxation and meditation early in the morning and it decreases tension. Sitting on the ground with legs crossed and eyes closed is the perfect way for me to meditate. Restricted noise should be given.

Not only does exercise keep the body fit, but it also improves the capacity of the heart and lungs. Dancing is a very effective type of exercise as well. As it depletes the body’s store of nutrients and induces exhaustion and tiredness, long hours spent on working, a bad diet and not having enough rest should be avoided as much as possible.